February 20, 2017

Leadership and the call to Steward

Matt: Lesson three moves away from what is thought of as typical leadership. Unfortunately, in what I see promulgated as leadership at this point in time stewarding is sorely missing. It would seem that the goal is self, as in what about me. That is not leading in any way. As a leader you steward other people’s time, energy, future and most of all trust. For example if you must sever a relationship you are stewarding the welfare of their family, you are messing with their hopes and dreams.  In the same way when you hire someone you are helping […]
February 11, 2017

Leadership in times of change

I saw an article about leadership and what is required in times of change. It was fascinating to read as several experts outlined the requirements. My first thought was yea so – we are always in times of change if you are leading there is no such thing as the status quo and going back to what was is not an option. Then I read this most recent shocking finding (see below). I wonder or perhaps I am wandering when we as leaders will choose to begin to do what is right for children whether that be mass customizing or […]